Temple of God\Health Ministry

Dr. Deacon Julian McIntyre & Dr. Mary McIntyre


Freewill is the ‘life-center’ of the community and a natural setting for information sharing. We also have a genuine concern about the health of our members. As such, we offer strong leadership in an effort to serve as a link between church congregation/neighborhood residents and community resources. We believe, through the zeal and passion displayed by the Temple of God\Health Ministry and our desire to see men, women and families’ lives changed by the power of God, current members, new members and visitors will become fully assimilated within the Body of Christ and ultimately further develop their personal spiritual growth.

Freewill provides our church with a foundation for integrating health awareness messages, healthy living prevention tips and powerful engagement sessions/activities – all based on the Word of God. These lessons are a critical component in maintaining and improving the overall health and lives of our church members and neighborhood families. Factors toward good health include hope, religious belief, a purpose in life, a positive attitude, a positive self-image, and love. The church is a strategic place where all these elements can be discussed, experienced and nurtured.