21-Days of Praying and Fasting

On Sunday, January 7th, the FMBC Faith Family will kick off our 21-Days of Praying and Fasting.  During this time, we will collectively ENGAGE our relationships and walks with Jesus in a more personal and powerful way.  This time with the Lord will Equip and Empower us continually throughout the 21 days and beyond. 

Perhaps, some of you might be asking “What is Prayer and Fasting?” 

I remember hearing a powerful preacher once say; “Prayer is earthly license for heavenly interference”.  In other words, Prayer is our ability to connect and commune with God inviting Him to move on our behalf as we listen for His response.  Remember, a Praying Church is a Powerful Church!

Fasting on the other hand is a Sacrificial step for a Spiritual Purpose; denying ourselves and disconnecting from the pleasures of this world which makes it easier for us to hear God when He speaks. Simply put, Fasting allows us to deny the desires of the Flesh, so that we may commune with the Father and gain access to greater Power in the Spirit. 

A few tools to help you along the journey are:

Access the Pray-First Guide here.  This is a great resource to help you in your daily prayer journey.  Take a look and let the resource be a blessing to you! 

Prayer & Fasting Guide – If you choose to participate in the “Daniel Fast”, this tool helps you with food options and some do’s and don’ts to meet the fast requirements.

Daily Confessions – We believe there is Power in our Speech and what better way to start your day than Speaking LIFE over yourself and your family?

Spotify Playlist – Access the 2024 FMBC Prayer & Fasting Worship List (some of our favorite Worship songs to help us dwell in the presence of our God).

Consider purchasing and reading the book titled “The 40-Day Prayer Challenge: Unlocking The Power Of Partnered Prayer” by Squire Rushnell and Louise Duart. The book can be purchased on Amazon. Click here to order!

Join us daily for the Empowerment Prayer Call by dialing (727) 731-7356

Pastor Quentin Byrd