December 5, 2021

A Church on the Move for Christ

Sunday Worship Service
In-Person and LiveStream
11:00 a.m.

Get Ready to be Equipped, Engaged, and Empowered

Pastor Quentin Q. Byrd and Dr. Consuela Byrd
Pastor Quentin Q. Byrd and Dr. Consuela Byrd

Welcome to Freewill, a place of Love and Transformation. Whether you are a member of the Freewill Family or one of our many Freewill Friends, we are so excited to have you worship with us. Here at Freewill, we believe that God is doing some incredible works within our ministry and yet we know that the “Best is still, Yet to Come“. No matter how you are joining us, in person, or online, we invite you to experience an encounter with God through our virtual services. Being a part of the Freewill family will truly transform your life.

FMBC has launched Phase 2 of its Return to In-Person Worship plan.

During this phase, weekly Registration is Required and open to all FMBC members and friends.  We ask that all registrants looking to join us for In-Person Worship meet any 1 of the following criteria:

  • Be FULLY vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus
  • Have been medically diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus 14 or more days ago
  • Be in a LOW-risk group with no pre-existing and/or underlying health conditions
  • Be below 65-years of age

Please be mindful of the following:

  • Once the predetermined occupancy number has been reached to allow us to worship safely while 6′ ft apart, the registration will be closed and no additional registrations accepted for that week.
  • All individuals will enter through a 1-predetermined set of doors.  Please be sure to watch for signage upon approaching the main sanctuary. 
  • Upon entry, all individuals will undergo a temperature check.  Temperatures must be at normal or no greater than 100.4° to gain entry.  Individuals with low-to-high grade temperatures will be respectfully asked not to enter for risk of COVID infection. 
  • Hand Sanitizing stations will be placed at all entrances and as you prepare to enter the sanctuary, we will ask that you sanitize your hands prior to entry. 
  • As you enter the sanctuary, you will be directed to designated seating based upon capacity limits and availability.  Seating will start in the front and move to the back to ensure limited passing and contact with others is observed.  
  • While in Worship and inside the building, you will be required to maintain Face Coverings at all times.  Only service participants will be allowed to remove face coverings during their time of contribution.